Madera County Connection

Effective Friday August 13, 2021, all capacity restrictions have been removed from Madera County Connection (MCC) transit vehicles. Face coverings are still a mandated requirement and must be worn while riding transit vehicles.

Try out the Swiftly app

Check out the Swiftly app, the easiest way to get up-to-the-minute real-time information about MCC bus routes.

Weather Alert

December 14, 2021 Eastern Madera Fixed Route Services Route delays, due to adverse weather in Coarsegold, Oakhurst, Bass Lake Resort, North and South Fork.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Monday December 27, 2021 Due to adverse weather conditions (heavy snow), the early morning Eastern route will not make stops in Oakhurst, Bass Lake, North and South Fork.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Tuesday December 28, 2021 Due to snowing or hazardous conditions, MCC Transit (Eastern route) will not make any stops at Bass Lake, North and South Fork this morning. MCC Transit (Eastern Route) mid-day and PM run will be determined on adverse weather conditions (snow or ice).

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