How To Ride

Purpose and Applicability

The purpose of this policy is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Madera County’s transit passengers and drivers, to protect equipment and facilities used in providing public transit services, and to assure civility and desirability of transit services. This policy shall apply to all Madera County transit passengers, whether riding, exiting, entering, or waiting for the bus at a designated transit stop, or visiting the transit business offices.

Passenger Courtesy

  • Show courtesy to other passengers when entering, exiting and riding the bus.
  • Yield priority seating and locations designated for use by persons using wheelchairs to persons with disabilities, persons using wheelchairs, and senior citizens
  • Use the “stop” signal only when approaching your designated bus stop
  • Avoid moving about the bus when it is in motion
  • Keep cell phone conversations to a minimum
  • Keep voices to a low and conversational level
  • Do not push, shove or crowd other passengers
  • Control any animals permitted on board to prevent them from barking, growling, approaching or threatening other passengers and/or operators

Prohibited Behavior

  • Any violation of these policies, federal, State or local law, including but not limited to, conduct described in California Penal Policy Section 640
  • Threatening the health, safety or well-being of the driver, other passengers, or any person
  • Damaging or defacing the vehicle or other transit property, including but not limited to bus shelters, benches and signs
  • Fighting, pushing, shoving, or initiating physical contact with other passengers or the driver
  • Any conduct intended to or that distracts or interferes with the driver’s operation of the bus
  • Throwing any object or trash from or inside the bus
  • Loud or boisterous talking or other noise or unwanted conversation with other passengers intended to or that interferes with other passengers’ use and enjoyment of the bus
  • Using obscene, threatening, offensive or “hate” speech
  • Use of musical devices except while using headphones
  • Opening or tampering with emergency windows, except during an emergency
  • Tampering with or operating equipment intended for the bus driver’s exclusive use
  • Smoking, eating, drinking or spitting on the vehicle
  • Illegal Possession of weapons, including but not limited to, firearms, knives, or martial arts weapons Using transit facilities while under the influence or in possession of alcohol, illicit drugs, or illegal substances.
  • Bringing open containers of alcohol into or on any transit vehicle or facility
  • Intentional fare evasion, payment of incorrect fare, misuse of bus transfers or tickets
  • Possession or use of any dangerous, flammable substances, or use of any device to produce a flame
  • Disregarding or disobeying the directive of a bus driver.
  • Touching or running after a moving bus
  • Using a hand, umbrella, briefcase, or any other object to try to hold open or reopen bus doors if they are closing
  • Occupying more than one seat when to do so would cause other passengers to stand (no seats available), or otherwise interfere with the operation of the vehicle or the comfort of other passengers
  • Crossing in front of the bus after exiting the vehicle

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